I create my own reality

I committed to becoming a full-time writer in 2015. My first novel was published a year later. But what preceded this was years of dancing with The Fear. I’ll be writing about how to overcome it in this blog.

At the point when I committed, I had to choose a name. I didn’t want to write under my own name because I wanted to cut the constraints of the ego.

I chose Eden Walker to remind myself that writing is a pleasure. When I write, I am walking in paradise – and I trust my readers feel it when they join me there.

Aziza means Beloved. In my Ankara Press books, you’ll find that the heroine’s name always has a special meaning, pertinent to her life and journey. My nickname Aziza reminds me that I am a beloved child of the universe – as we all are.

Here is a photo of something I put up on the wall near my desk in 2015. May it inspire you to persevere, because the thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen (Frank Lloyd Wright).


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