“Steamy, seductive” Venice is at special release price for today only

Today’s the last day for getting the special release price on ONE NIGHT IN VENICE 🙂

It’s already had a great review from Cathy Geha:

One Night in Venice by Eden Walker

City Nights #32

Steamy, seductive, a little bit taboo and oh so entertaining – this is the story of an artist and the art tutor that releases her creative juices…in more than one way.

When Kate Pollock arrives in Venice she is a little bit heartbroken and feeling a lot like she is not the best choice to have won the scholarship to a prestigious art school. She meets a number of new people that first day on campus but the one that she is smitten with is Marinez Di Ser Piero – her Practicals tutor. She is not sure what hit her between the eyes or why she is throbbing with lust all over BUT she is and when she determines that there may be reciprocation from his side – well – the fun begins. Will there be more than flirting? Will she find love? Will her art skills improve? Will she find someone worthy of giving her virginity to? Well, you will have to read this novella to find out and in so doing you might also hear about a city that you would like to one day visit.

Thank you to the author for the ARC – This is my honest review.

4 Stars


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