Romance is on the radio today!

Join me as I chat to Dellani Oakes in Florida about my newest release, One Night in Venice, #32 in the City Nights series from Tirgearr. The show is on at 4pm Eastern time (that’s 10pm in South Africa). I’ll be reading an extract, as well as answering questions like:

What’s the most challenging thing about writing?

It’s not getting discouraged, not taking criticism or feedback personally, even if it’s given in a less than diplomatic way. See the good, grab the advice, and take it to the finish line! People are there to help you. But stay true to what makes the project uniquely yours.

Which book have you really enjoyed writing?

I adored working on One Night in Venice because I’m absolutely in love with the hero. In real life I don’t necessarily like dark, moody men, but there is just something so sexy about a dark horse of a man – slightly aloof, slightly unavailable. And then my heroine gives him a run for his money! 🙂

Tune in at the link below to find out more…



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