Five reasons clever women read romance novels


1. Some people poo-poo romance as a lesser art form in the literary world. Clever women know that anyone who needs to poo-poo something is probably missing the point, somewhere. The point with romance, as we know, is probably on the front cover. And in the last paragraph. And all the bits in between. Clever women love the word ‘point’ (as opposed to ‘poo-poo’).

2. Clever women know that pleasure is the point. And the point is, well, pleasure. Obvious, I know – if you’re a clever woman you won’t need this pointed out to you.

3. Romance in books is much more real than romance in life. In life, men sulk. In romance novels, they do too, but they sure as hell don’t get away with it. In romance novels, when a guy sulks you know he’s about to get his comeuppance (so to speak). In my books, at least.

4. Life is not that serious. Or that dangerous. Or that long. So don’t miss out on some safe levity.

5. You can spread hate, anger and jealousy. Or you can read my books and find out how a whole bunch of clever women from all walks of life turn that into passion, love and raw sensuality. Then you can too.


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