It’s never too late for love


Okay, so this year I missed Valentine’s Day. I didn’t Tweet, Blog or post on Facebook because I was at the movies with my son, and then we were in the supermarket, buying ourselves the best Valentine’s chocolates we could find.

For romance writers, it’s never too late for love. Personally, I started writing about love because, post break-up, I had an eye-popping experience of it at the age of 36. And then, a baby at the ripe age of 40. My book, This Crazy Paradise, draws on the mad energy of those circumstances.

When we write about love, and send it out into the world, we raise the vibration. As we do when we read about it, hope for it, and nourish it under difficult circumstances.


And you know that for sure.

(Although Woody Allen said sex raises some good questions!)

As a romance writer, getting stuck sometimes in spirals of fear and perfectionism, the answer is always to come back to love. Over and over again, give it your love. Touch your work with love. Just love your characters, passionately, and the rest will follow.

In life, it’s the same thing: when you’re stuck, angry or resentful, throw love at the problem.

Love your people. Love your work, what you do. Love your life.

Love is why we’re here. The rest follows.

So a happy belated Valentine’s Day to us all!




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