Lucy Felthouse: hot romance editor!

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It’s my pleasure to welcome Lucy Felthouse, award-winning, best-selling author of erotic romance novels, and the editor of my latest release, One Night in Venice, for Tirgearr Publishing!

Lucy is a very busy woman! She has over 160 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. Today I’ll be asking her a few questions about editing romance though…

  • How did you get into editing romance professionally?

For many, many years I’ve been a “nitpicker”, finding typos, spelling errors, incorrect punctuation, etc. When I decided to leave my job in PR & Marketing and become self-employed, I decided that editing was part of what I would like to do—I have many different strings to my bow, and editing is just one of them.

  • What do you particularly like about it, and what is hard?

I like getting to read stories before the general public, knowing that I’m reading something amazing and that people are going to love it. What is hard is when there’s a great story, but it needs an awful lot of editing. I feel like a really horrible person sometimes when I cover manuscripts in comments and digital red pen. My regular authors occasionally call me “evil editor” but they mean it in a nice way—I think! And they certainly agree that they’d rather I was thorough, even if it means lots of red!

  • What do you think makes a great romance novel?

Characters you adore, well-described settings, and a storyline that has you flipping the pages way past your bedtime!

  • What’s the biggest mistake novices make when writing sex scenes?

There isn’t one single biggest mistake. More a collection of ones I see often—inconsistency in physical actions, i.e. a character closes their eyes, then looks at something or sees something without having opened their eyes. Telling and not showing. Using flowery words to describe body parts.

  • How do writing and editing romance compare?

They’re both incredibly tough in their own way, but I find they complement each other well. For example, I find myself picking up on things in other authors’ manuscripts and realising it’s something I do, too! In writing and editing, I never stop learning and honing my craft. I never want to become complacent.

  • If you had one tip for romance writers, what would it be?

Create a “tip sheet” for yourself—something you can refer to when writing, and also editing your own work. List words and phrases you overuse (mine include however, after all, the list went on, at the same time), words you misuse (trust me, your editor will thank you if he/she doesn’t have to point out the same error you make in every manuscript! You should be learning from those mistakes and not repeating them!), and other things you know you’re guilty of. Refer to it often, and hopefully it will start to sink in and become second nature. But if not, you’ve always got that document as a backup.

Thank you for being on my Love Blog today, Lucy! Super valuable information for writers!

Here’s Lucy’s full bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller), The Persecution of the Wolves, Hiding in Plain Sight and Mia’s Men (The Heiress’s Harem Book 1). Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 160 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at, or on Twitter or Facebook. Sign up for automatic updates on Amazon or BookBub. Subscribe to her newsletter and get a free eBook:

And enjoy her latest release here:


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We are in the financial district of Boston, where people like me notice the nearest Starbucks or Boloco, but folks like the vice president for marketing at Anterdec notice which building has a helipad for helicopter landings.


Three suited men are turned away from us as we enter, their heads huddled in discussion. One head is gray, two are brown.


No women. Of course.


“Advantage already. No women,” Greg whispers in my ear. He is the opposite of sexist. He pays all of us, male or female, the same crappy salary.


The office is gorgeous. I’d expected a sleek, black and gray glassed room overlooking the building across the narrow road; the financial district isn’t close enough to the water for everyone to get their sliver of a view of the ocean.


But this. We are on the twenty-second floor and the window looks out over a rooftop terrace next door, covered with topiary filled with…PacMan?


“Is that a PacMan maze on that rooftop, or am I nuts?” I whisper to Amanda, who stifles a giggle.


“Big video-game development company next door. Their IPO just happened. I hear one of the perks of working there is that they deworm your dog or cat on site while you work.”


I open my mouth to say something back, when the three men turn and stand, facing us.


My mouth remains open.


One of the men is Declan McCormick.


His eyes meet mine and five different emotions roil through that chiseled jaw, those sharp eyes, that sun-kissed skin. Most of them are scandalous. All of them make my toes curl.


And then his face spreads with the hottest, warmest, most mischievous smile I have ever seen on a man who has taken over my damn senses, and he says:


“Toilet Girl!”



Self-love saves marriages: As do these 3 simple tricks!

As a psychologist writing romance, I think about love a lot. As a woman in a ten-year relationship (my second marriage) in which we have a child, I am very invested in making it work. As a person nearing fifty, I am learning about how self-respect and self-kindness make my life zing. Every day.

Recently life called on me to look at my own behaviour in a relationship. I was falling into “the blame game”, which is so easy to do when you have good reason to! It can become a rut though. A resentment track in your mind. A demand that the Other change, shape up, improve (“in order for me to be happy”).

What about being the change you want to see?

Would you like it if your partner demanded that you were different, better somehow? No, you’d hate it. We all want acceptance and unconditional positive regard (also known as love).

And people hate being controlled.

Instead, empower yourself to take action. Here are some cool ideas I stumbled on in my research:

  1. Instead of demanding, inspire.
  2. Instead of pleasing and score-keeping, give.
  3. Instead of reacting defensively, align.

They say there are two magic words that can save a marriage: “You’re right”.

Focus on loving him as the man you know he is. See his pain and frustration. Build rapport instead of breaking him down. Trigger the best in him.

Give encouragement and support. No blaming, judging or criticising allowed (especially not of yourself! Banish guilt too; it’s a useless emotion.)

Before you know it, you will be relating to each other as your authentic selves again. Adjusting your attitude has a ripple effect. And living life in this kind of integrity is





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It’s never too late for love


Okay, so this year I missed Valentine’s Day. I didn’t Tweet, Blog or post on Facebook because I was at the movies with my son, and then we were in the supermarket, buying ourselves the best Valentine’s chocolates we could find.

For romance writers, it’s never too late for love. Personally, I started writing about love because, post break-up, I had an eye-popping experience of it at the age of 36. And then, a baby at the ripe age of 40. My book, This Crazy Paradise, draws on the mad energy of those circumstances.

When we write about love, and send it out into the world, we raise the vibration. As we do when we read about it, hope for it, and nourish it under difficult circumstances.


And you know that for sure.

(Although Woody Allen said sex raises some good questions!)

As a romance writer, getting stuck sometimes in spirals of fear and perfectionism, the answer is always to come back to love. Over and over again, give it your love. Touch your work with love. Just love your characters, passionately, and the rest will follow.

In life, it’s the same thing: when you’re stuck, angry or resentful, throw love at the problem.

Love your people. Love your work, what you do. Love your life.

Love is why we’re here. The rest follows.

So a happy belated Valentine’s Day to us all!




Author of the Year!


I have been nominated for an Ufere Award by RWOWA (Romance Writers of West Africa) and today is the last day to cast your vote!

Why should you vote for me?

  • I write steamy feminist #Africanromance, of which there’s not much around!
  • I write about ordinary women finding their extraordinary selves in a world where partnership and relationships are often valued as the ultimate goal.
  • And yet my heroines do find enduring, hot and often unusual romance, in unusual places – with unusual people.
  • It’s a blast. Try one.

And thank you for your kind vote!



Read all about it:

Five reasons clever women read romance novels


1. Some people poo-poo romance as a lesser art form in the literary world. Clever women know that anyone who needs to poo-poo something is probably missing the point, somewhere. The point with romance, as we know, is probably on the front cover. And in the last paragraph. And all the bits in between. Clever women love the word ‘point’ (as opposed to ‘poo-poo’).

2. Clever women know that pleasure is the point. And the point is, well, pleasure. Obvious, I know – if you’re a clever woman you won’t need this pointed out to you.

3. Romance in books is much more real than romance in life. In life, men sulk. In romance novels, they do too, but they sure as hell don’t get away with it. In romance novels, when a guy sulks you know he’s about to get his comeuppance (so to speak). In my books, at least.

4. Life is not that serious. Or that dangerous. Or that long. So don’t miss out on some safe levity.

5. You can spread hate, anger and jealousy. Or you can read my books and find out how a whole bunch of clever women from all walks of life turn that into passion, love and raw sensuality. Then you can too.