Forthcoming Titles 2018/2019


My Magic Moment

Hi, my name is Zinzi X and carbohydrates are my friends (Hi, Zinzi!)

Editor-slash-copywriter Zinzi Sophie Rouge is going through carbohydrate-fuelled break-up hell. Together her meddling mother and her ex have sent her on a make-over retreat to The Magic Island of Me where they offer ‘All things M’ – Meditation, Mirror-work, Meal-planning … and the Mysterious Maxwell Le Grange, a Raw Food aficionado who has a torso like milk chocolate in the sun. With the same little squares you see when the wrapper comes off. Is this Death by Chocolate? Because Zinzi doesn’t know they’ve met before…

Absolute Elsewhere

Actress Yandi Sokhulo is heading to Kenya to shoot a commercial, but her heart’s not in it. This feels like the death of her glamorous career in the soaps, but she has to pay the bills somehow. The last thing she expects is to fall in love with the silence and peace of the Maasai Mara. The last thing she expects is to meet a man who’ll make her question everything.

Escape – out now!

Always trust your instincts

 “I could see his eye, the size of a dinner-plate.” Predators come in different forms. When Sabine meets Simon for a 1Night Stand, she uncovers more than one disturbing, life-changing story. She begins to understand why, as a happily-in-love woman, she still felt compelled to contact Madame Eve’s agency. It was meant to be one hot night, a farewell to living alone. But suddenly it’s become a matter of life and death. Who will survive?

One Night in Denpasar – on pre-order now!

When Italian Ana Ortensia heads to Bali on a photojournalism assignment, she’s expecting a seriously good time. After all, she’s a sexual adventurer who wears her motto on her T-shirt for all to see—and it’s not Namaste! Within twenty-four hours, she’ll put a carnal spin on enlightenment for Caleb Barnard, a spiritual New Ager with whom she feels safe because he’s so not her type. But Denpasar is about to surprise her…  Ana really doesn’t need someone to see through her defences, bring her to her knees, and make her eat, pray, love—or does she?



Watch this space!