A wonderful, laughter-filled chat with Dellani Oakes and Alisha Knaff, including authors reading (hot!) extracts:

“It’s already October and, in some parts of the world, it’s getting chilly and the leaves are turning. Not here in Florida, but somewhere! We’re ready to sit by the fire and crack open a book. (Or, like here in Florida, it’s still so hot, we don’t want to go outside.) In any case, we want to read. Today’s guests are ready to entertain us and entice us with their stories. So, hot or cold, inside or out, fall or spring, have a listen!”



“Ankara Press is delighted to welcome Aziza Eden Walker, author of forthcoming novel The Seeing Place, out on Valentine’s Day. What first inspired you to become a writer?



Meet an author: Aziza Eden Walker

‘Aziza Eden Walker writes “a new kind of romance” for Ankara Press, a feminist imprint of Cassava Republic Press. Her first book, The Seeing Place, came out in 2016 and its sequel, This Crazy Paradise, launched this year.’


Meet Eden Walker writer of Hot, Humorous & Heartfelt Romance… “What is the last romance novel you read?”


Brittle Paper

Africa’s Leading Romance Writers Dissect the State of Sex Scenes in African fiction






Awesome Gang!


Dear Diary Magazine


Interview by Abbey MacMunn, Romance Author, revealing all sorts of very personal information about me…