“Beautiful, unique erotica!”

5 out of 5 stars
Eden Walker’s “One Night in Venice: City Nights Series: #32” is not your typical erotica novella. A complicated plot entwines with the erotic relationship that belongs to Kate and Martinez. The writing is beautiful and describes the colorful backdrop of Venice. Color is a reoccurring theme in this story of art school and the pupil who feels she doesn’t belong. Martinez is a deep character with a dark history that makes him a brooding man. One can feel his self-imposed misery while in his presence. Kate is like a butterfly who flits from one thing to the next, until she alights upon her relationship with Martinez. Then she flits no more and stays to sip the richness that is her relationship to the great painter. She is his muse, he is hers. 



“A modern African romance”

5 out of 5 stars
‘The Seeing Place’ is an ever-so-real, sophisticated, feel-good read about the sweltering, on-off romance between entertainment entrepreneur Thuli Poni and her alpha male love interest, the palpably dashing Andile. It’s a quintessential new South African novel, incorporating an inventive, steamy and unputdownable narrative that celebrates everything that is cool and contemporary about Cape Town’s young black jet set. Deliciously sexy, very romantic, well paced and utterly refreshing, complete with expertly placed, killer one-liners. 



“Far more than the standard conventions”

5 out of 5 stars
Ankara’s en pointe series of African romance novels has done it again: this time with the oh-so-sweltering sequel to the exuberant Aziza Eden Walker’s The Seeing Place. In This Crazy Paradise, the adventurous novelist’s heroine—Dr Onele Dlamini—takes flight to South Africa’s remote, quixotic West Coast, where she seeks healing after her divorce. But a multifaceted leading woman like Dr Dlamini desires far more than the standard conventions of sorrow—anguished walks on the beach, despairing looks at Atlantic sunsets—to transform her grief. Instead, she channels her frustrations into writing love stories. Losing herself in the escapism of her work along South Africa’s forgotten coast might at first seem enough for our charismatic protagonist, until a real-life hunk—intriguing, dreamy workman Daniel Lindo—waltzes onto the page. He is not quite what she expects, especially when it turns out that he is heartbroken too, and needs a shoulder to cry on … In her latest novel, Walker does not let her loyal followers down, enthralling with her rapier-sharp observations of human behaviour and cannot-put-down narrative. Of course, Walker’s trademark is bringing to life ultra-real erotica depicting everyday Africans—a generally much-overlooked genre. In This Crazy Paradise we meet the author’s creative voice at its most beautifully controlled and captivating.