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New Release ~ ESCAPE by Eden Walker

Even though she’s a couples therapist, Sabine is struggling to understand her romantic decisions. Why would anyone ditch a fantastic guy like her surgeon-boyfriend Thomas, after just one month of living with him? She has no good reason. But plenty of strong feelings. Worse still, she’s signing up with the 1Night Stand agency, which simply isn’t like her. She’s telling herself it’s just because she can—a way to mark a new beginning. 

Sabine’s the anonymous lady in white Simon’s been told to meet at the Cape Point Castillo Resort at the tip of South Africa. Right alongside the ocean, where he nearly died. Simon’s amused Madame Eve hooked him up with a therapist. Because he sure has a lot to talk about. One look at gorgeous Sabine, and talking’s the last thing on his mind. He needs her to know him, so he comes up with a game plan.

In Sabine’s eyes he’s tall, dark and handsome and he’ll do nicely, but alarm bells start ringing when he doesn’t behave like your average one night stand date. Is she in danger? Can she trust this man in a raincoat, who entices her onto a windswept beach at night, or should she run a mile? Because something sinister’s going on. He’s injured. He knows her real name. And he didn’t come to the 1Night Stand service in the usual way. Right now he’s a survivor with one helluva story, and she’s a woman with a heap of unanswered questions.

Yet they’ve been brought together for a reason. And been told to stay for breakfast. What does Madame Eve know that they don’t?


He was really incredibly laid-back and at ease. Like you could tell him you were a serial killer and he would say, “Really? So, what are the hours like?” As if he was having a whole heap of fun doing this living thing. How very different from Thomas, who was quite serious and sometimes a bit moody from exhaustion.

“Did you come here to meet another…woman?” My tone implied, another wife.

He got my meaning. “No….” And yet he sounded unsure.

“Then what?”

“I had another woman. My wife and I separated, and in that time, well….”

I knew it. “A one-night stand?”

He smiled. “Hardly. Though we did meet under similar circumstances. A rebound relationship, I think the term is.”

“And your wife found out and divorced you?”

“Nope. One day she turned up at my house, wanting to reconcile. I was willing, for my son. And I hid it. The other relationship, I mean, which I ended. We carried on with our marriage. She never knew. Is that…an affair? I’m not sure.” He said it thoughtfully but without overt shame or guilt. “When my wife and I first split, we’d been out of love for the longest time. In fact, we were starting to hate each other. But with a child, you know, it’s difficult. My son, Joachim. He was three when I left. So, we had counseling. We carried on. I did it for him.”

I shifted in my seat and gently removed my hand from Simon’s. I wasn’t here to talk about family, his or mine. It was making things way too real, too close to the bone. “Are you going to tell me what happened to your arm?” I asked, changing the subject.

“It’s my hand, actually.” He lifted it from the table and held it up comically in front of him, palm toward me. “It’s a bit of a limp fish.” In this position, I could see the fingers were different from his other hand, weaker. And there were scars across the thumb, running down the wrist and disappearing under the cuff of his crisp white shirt.

“An accident?”

“No, it was deliberate.”

“What? Sorry, I’m a psychologist,” I confessed, “I ask a lot of questions.”

Simon threw his head back and laughed uproariously. Several people in the bar turned their heads to stare at him. I wished he would stop.

“I don’t see the joke.”

“Perhaps Madame Eve thinks I need to talk.” He leveled a look at me, his eyes glittering. “After we reconciled, my wife tried to kill me, you see.”


About the author


Eden Walker (nicknamed Aziza, or Beloved) worked as an actress and a psychologist before committing to writing full-time. She began writing love stories on a little blackboard as a teen, the advantage being that she could rub the risque bits out before anyone saw them! But now she is having great fun going public. She initially published short stories and poetry. The Seeing Place is her first novel with Ankara Press. This Crazy Paradise continues the story. If you like erotic romance, look out for One Night in Venice from Tirgearr Publishing (City Nights series) and its exciting sequel, One Night in Denpasar. Decadent Publishing (1Night Stand series) brings you her hot romantic suspense, Escape – always trust your instincts.