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Published by Ankara Press:

“Our stories feature young, self-assured and independent women who work, play and, of course, fall madly in love in vibrant African cities from Lagos to Cape Town. Ankara men are confident, emotionally expressive and not afraid of independent and sexually assertive women. Our sensuous books will challenge romance stereotypes and empower women to love themselves in their search for love, romance and wholesome sex.”

Published by Tirgearr:

“City Nights is a unique erotic romance series with authors contributing stand-alone stories to the collection. Each book title starts One Night in . . . and takes place within a 24 hour time frame in a city somewhere in the world.”



It’s never too late for love


Okay, so this year I missed Valentine’s Day. I didn’t Tweet, Blog or post on Facebook because I was at the movies with my son, and then we were in the supermarket, buying ourselves the best Valentine’s chocolates we could find.

For romance writers, it’s never too late for love. Personally, I started writing about love because, post break-up, I had an eye-popping experience of it at the age of 36. And then, a baby at the ripe age of 40. My book, This Crazy Paradise, draws on the mad energy of those circumstances.

When we write about love, and send it out into the world, we raise the vibration. As we do when we read about it, hope for it, and nourish it under difficult circumstances.


And you know that for sure.

(Although Woody Allen said sex raises some good questions!)

As a romance writer, getting stuck sometimes in spirals of fear and perfectionism, the answer is always to come back to love. Over and over again, give it your love. Touch your work with love. Just love your characters, passionately, and the rest will follow.

In life, it’s the same thing: when you’re stuck, angry or resentful, throw love at the problem.

Love your people. Love your work, what you do. Love your life.

Love is why we’re here. The rest follows.

So a happy belated Valentine’s Day to us all!




Author of the Year!


I have been nominated for an Ufere Award by RWOWA (Romance Writers of West Africa) and today is the last day to cast your vote!

Why should you vote for me?

  • I write steamy feminist #Africanromance, of which there’s not much around!
  • I write about ordinary women finding their extraordinary selves in a world where partnership and relationships are often valued as the ultimate goal.
  • And yet my heroines do find enduring, hot and often unusual romance, in unusual places – with unusual people.
  • It’s a blast. Try one.

And thank you for your kind vote!




Read all about it: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0791DLQLG

Five reasons clever women read romance novels


1. Some people poo-poo romance as a lesser art form in the literary world. Clever women know that anyone who needs to poo-poo something is probably missing the point, somewhere. The point with romance, as we know, is probably on the front cover. And in the last paragraph. And all the bits in between. Clever women love the word ‘point’ (as opposed to ‘poo-poo’).

2. Clever women know that pleasure is the point. And the point is, well, pleasure. Obvious, I know – if you’re a clever woman you won’t need this pointed out to you.

3. Romance in books is much more real than romance in life. In life, men sulk. In romance novels, they do too, but they sure as hell don’t get away with it. In romance novels, when a guy sulks you know he’s about to get his comeuppance (so to speak). In my books, at least.

4. Life is not that serious. Or that dangerous. Or that long. So don’t miss out on some safe levity.

5. You can spread hate, anger and jealousy. Or you can read my books and find out how a whole bunch of clever women from all walks of life turn that into passion, love and raw sensuality. Then you can too.


Smashwords 50% off sale now on!

Yes Christmas is over, but the gifts keep coming! Have an ereader other than Kindle? Smashwords has a 50% off sale till 1 January only. All formats.

This means that ONE NIGHT IN VENICE by Eden Walker was $2.99, now $1.50!

“Il sono molto pericoloso,” he said softly, “I am very dangerous—for you, caro—don’t you think?”

Kate Pollock is an average art student from London who, by sheer fluke, ends up in Venice on a scholarship. On her first day, she spots sex-on-legs in the corridor, the illustrious Martinez Di Ser Piero, and is shocked to learn he’s her Practicals tutor. The last thing she expects is for him to be attracted to her, but after one kiss, she’s lost to this mysterious man.

Following a dry spell in his career, Kate inspires Martinez to paint again. When his latest work goes missing, she has to solve the crime, as well as the enigma that is him. Kate thinks she’s falling in love with Martinez—could he be ‘the one’, or will his secret past break her heart?

“Steamy and seductive”

“Sultry and sexy”

“Beautiful, unique erotica!”



Romance is on the radio today!

Join me as I chat to Dellani Oakes in Florida about my newest release, One Night in Venice, #32 in the City Nights series from Tirgearr. The show is on at 4pm Eastern time (that’s 10pm in South Africa). I’ll be reading an extract, as well as answering questions like:

What’s the most challenging thing about writing?

It’s not getting discouraged, not taking criticism or feedback personally, even if it’s given in a less than diplomatic way. See the good, grab the advice, and take it to the finish line! People are there to help you. But stay true to what makes the project uniquely yours.

Which book have you really enjoyed writing?

I adored working on One Night in Venice because I’m absolutely in love with the hero. In real life I don’t necessarily like dark, moody men, but there is just something so sexy about a dark horse of a man – slightly aloof, slightly unavailable. And then my heroine gives him a run for his money! 🙂

Tune in at the link below to find out more…




“Steamy, seductive” Venice is at special release price for today only

Today’s the last day for getting the special release price on ONE NIGHT IN VENICE 🙂

It’s already had a great review from Cathy Geha:

One Night in Venice by Eden Walker

City Nights #32

Steamy, seductive, a little bit taboo and oh so entertaining – this is the story of an artist and the art tutor that releases her creative juices…in more than one way.

When Kate Pollock arrives in Venice she is a little bit heartbroken and feeling a lot like she is not the best choice to have won the scholarship to a prestigious art school. She meets a number of new people that first day on campus but the one that she is smitten with is Marinez Di Ser Piero – her Practicals tutor. She is not sure what hit her between the eyes or why she is throbbing with lust all over BUT she is and when she determines that there may be reciprocation from his side – well – the fun begins. Will there be more than flirting? Will she find love? Will her art skills improve? Will she find someone worthy of giving her virginity to? Well, you will have to read this novella to find out and in so doing you might also hear about a city that you would like to one day visit.

Thank you to the author for the ARC – This is my honest review.

4 Stars


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